Registration and Credits

As soon as you open, you will find the registration page. Please register yourself and purchase credits, to get started.

ESurveyCAD Registration Page

Enter all the required details and click on Register.

Fill required data to enroll ESurveyCAD software

Complete the registration.

Completion of ESurveyCAD Registration

An email is sent to your email id, that has been registered with the registration link. Click on the link to enable your registration.

Click on Resgister Today option to activate tool

Using the login details mailed to you, you can login directly.

Login Using Email and Password

To start using the service, you will require credits.

New Pricing Plan is introduced for Rs. 899 (or $ 14)!

When you create an account with and purchase the Rs. 899 (or $ 14) Plan, 100 credits will be deposited into your account, which you can utilize to create sections, contours, earthwork (Quantity Takeoff) or extract elevations and images. Based on the module you use, the credits will be deducted for the features you utilize.

Price Details of EsurveyCAD software

You must utilise those credits within a month of registration, after which the credits will expire.

Click on the Pricing Menu to see the Latest Plans. Click Pay Now to make your payment towards purchase of a Plan of your choice.

ESurveyCAD Monthly Plan

You may purchase a Monthly Plan for Rs. 899 (or $ 14) where you get 100 credits, or a Yearly Plan for Rs. 8999 (or $ 8999), where you get 1000 credits.

These credits can be utilised for importing and processing a CSV file.

Credits for different Transactions is shown in the Table below.


Credits Required

1 Earthwork Calculation

10 Credits

1 Contour Map Generation

10 Credits

1 KML to CAD Conversion

10 Credits

1 Section Generation

10 Credits

200 Elevations Extraction

1 Credit

1 Image Extraction

1 Credit

Note : Please note that even if a CSV file is wrongly selected or column numbers are wrongly given, the credit will be utilized. Before processing, you can change the CSV any number of times because change in CSV is not considered as credit until it is processed.



When you do an operation like Creating Contour Map or Creating a set of Cross Sections, the application counts the process as Credit. When you purchase a monthly plan, you will get 100 credits, that means, you can either generate 10 Contour maps or you can convert 10 KML files to drawings or You can create 3 Contours Maps, 2 Earthwork Calculation Reports, and 5 conversions from KML to CAD. That means, when you buy 100 credits you are entitled to utilise the application for doing any of the 10 operations (generating output) before the credit expires. It may also be noted that in case a CSV file is imported and processed, it is considered as a credit, even if a CSV file is wrongly selected or column numbers are wrongly given. Before processing, you are allowed to change the CSV file any number of times, since change in CSV is not considered as credit until it is processed.

Credit Lapse

When you register in and purchase Credits or Plan, you must utilise the credits purchased within the duration of the plan. Failing to do so, the credits will lapse or expire.
Let us say you purchased a monthly plan and utilised only 98 credits during the month and 2 credits remain. In this case, the 2 remaining credits will automatically lapse. So, we strongly recommend that you utilise the credits before they lapse or expire.

Note: Once you generate the output, we expect you to download the output; the application will not maintain either your inputs or outputs beyond 24 hours.

This software as service is developed and hosted by ESurveying Softech, Bengaluru, India.

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