Earthwork Calculation

Earthwork volume calculations (Quantity Takeoff) instantly from Elevation data by comparing two surfaces.
Calculation with Section method or with Block method. Presentable Calculations along with respective drawings and Excel Report.

  • Compute Cut and Fill reports quickly

  • Section-wise Area and Volume calculations in metric units

  • Quantity Takeoff reports for doing Mass Haul Analysis

  • Calculate Earthwork estimates using either the section method or the Block method

  • Generate drawing with respective Grid Elevation

  • Easily import and compute the volume using ground and formation levels in Excel or CSV File formats

  • Generate CS drawings along with Earthwork Takeoff reports

  • Fill volume calculation using Trapezoidal and Simpsonbs 1/3 rd rule

  • Earthwork calculation depending on the depth of cutting and height of fill

  • Most uncomplicated quantity estimating software can generate multiple drawings and Area & Volume Reports.

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Create Cross Section, Longitudinal Section, and Quantity Reports from CSV File.

  • Create Cross Sections for Road / Railway / Canal / Drain / Pipeline Projects

  • Generate Cross section and Longitudinal sections quickly by importing an excel file

  • Generate Cross-section profiles with horizontal and vertical scales provided

  • Generate Area and Volume reports along with CS

  • You can open Output X Sections in Popular CAD Packages

  • Quantity Estimation is part of Section Software

  • Generate Multiple CS drawings in a single drawing file

  • Quick CS and L section with multiple series data

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Generate Smooth Contours along with Contour Annotation, Grid, Grid Elevation

  • The quick Online Contour map generator

  • Generate boundary-based contour lines from your point data

  • Generate a contour map online with the required contour intervals

  • The software marks Respective annotations on the contour map created online.

  • You can further Convert AutoCAD Contour maps to Shape Files

  • Generates grid elevations along with Contour Lines in this mapping software

  • Import Point data from your AutoCAD Drawings CSV file created using Free AutoLisp

  • Create contour based Area and Volume reports

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Convert Google earth KML to a CAD drawing

  • Quickly Create AutoCAD Drawings from KML or KMZ files

  • Works with KML Files generated from Google Maps and Google Earth

  • Converting KML or KMZ to CAD file allows you to further convert to shapefile Further, Convert AutoCAD Drawings as KML Files using ESurvey CADD.

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Elevation Extraction

Obtain Elevations of any location from Google Earth through Elevation Extraction.
Extract elevations of a given set of Latitude and Longitude points into CSV File Using Google Maps API

  • The simplest way to extract elevations in AutoCAD Drawing from Google Earth Map

  • This Digital Elevation extraction module can download the height of any UTM Coordinate in AutoCAD

  • Create Elevation Grid for Specified Boundary

  • Generate Elevation Points along any Alignment with a specified interval

  • Download DEM data from Google Earth to CAD Package in Simple Steps.

  • Extract elevation from any drawing file in UTM Coordinates

  • Allows you to download the Elevation of Latitude and Longitude list

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Image Extraction

Created using Google Maps API, extract images from Google Earth, and gives images from any drawing file containing latitude and longitude information in very simple steps.

  • The simplest way to extract Google Earth images to AutoCAD

  • Extract GE images based on a boundary or alignment

  • Economical and Accurate Google Earth image download software

  • Download Google Earth Images of good resolution

  • Marking image tiles along the selected boundary line or alignment

  • Extract Georeferenced satellite images in AutoCAD

  • Allows you to download images of different Zoom Level

  • User Image & Elevation Extraction to download both GE Image and Elevation

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Latitude, Longitude to UTM Conversion

Convert a list of "Latitude and Longitude" Values to respective "UTM Coordinate" with respective Zone Value by importing data from CSV File.

  • Convert Lat Long Values as UTM Coordinates with Respective Zones

  • Bulk Conversion is made possible with Excel or CSV Import

  • Import Output UTM Coordinate to your CAD Package such as AutoCAD / ZWCAD / BricsCAD

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UTM to Latitude, Longitude Conversion

Import data from a CSV File and convert a list of "UTM Coordinate" with respective Zone Values to equivalent "Latitude and Longitude" Values.

  • Convert UTM Coordinates to Lat Long Values based on Respective Zones

  • Bulk Conversion is made possible with Excel or CSV Import

  • Export point data from AutoCAD as UTM Coordinate

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